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     Good Morning,

    We are looking to hold our next Pocketbook Bingo in March/April.  I am looking for any parents who would like to be on this committee to set this up.  We have many people (community people) calling and asking us when the next one is.  Please email me and let me know if you can work on this fundraiser.  I would like to have a committee in place by January 26th.  

    We are looking for any people with cheer experience to help out our cheer team.  They could be former students, current high-schoolers and or college students.  Please email me if you know anyone who is looking to volunteer.  

    Athletic director is still needed for next year.  If anyone is interested please let me know.

    Other Updates

    The students are finishing their MAP testing.  We are working on analyzing the results, setting goals and recommending intervention to students who need it.  You will be getting those results and MAP information after the testing window closes next Friday. 

    Catholic School Week begins January 28th.  We will be going to Sacred Heart Church for mass if we can get buses to take us there for the 9 am mass.  We have many exciting, fun and spiritual things planned for this week.  Some highlights will be the School Mass, Religion B, Meet the Authors (our students created a book), volleyball game…

    We have been very fortunate this year because we have been able to expose our children to more time with the clergy in mass and or visits.  This is due to the help and support of Fr. Doughty and Fr. Damroth.  And to our Superintendent who makes sure that we can go to mass at our Parish Church.  

    Enrollment opens for the 2018-19 School Year today.  We will be sending home information about this on Monday.  The registration fee is $100 per family if enrolled on time.  The fee does jump to $175 if enrolled after the due date.  

    We will be holding a Pre-K 3/ Pre-K 4 and K open house for our students and the community on February 7th at 6 PM

    We are very excited and very thankful to Shea Properties for all of our chrome books, I-PADs and charging carts.  We now have 1 to 1 technology for our students.  It is amazing! Our teachers can differentiate instruction even more.  

    We are also considering offering a 2 year English Regents course beginning next year in 7th grade.  Mrs. Spinks and I have been reviewing the curriculum and the previous tests.  Our goal is to provide individualized instruction for each child and if there are children that are ready to move on we want to give them this opportunity.  

    In addition, I strongly recommend that if your child is struggling in school they take advantage of after school intervention.  We do have many students who attend.  It is important to attend regularly to achieve maximum benefits.

    Miss Candy still has 3 more stress management sessions.  If your child is in 5th -8th grade and would like to join have them see me for a permission slip.

    Coming soon will be some parent workshops.  

    MAP TESTING Informative Session          February 6th (tuesday)          9am and 6pm  
    NJHS Parent Meeting                     February (TBA)
    Standard Based Report Cards                  February 1st (Thursday)         9am and 6pm 
    Common Core ELA    6-8th G.                February 13th (Tuesday)             10am and 5pm
    Common Core ELA     3-5th G.                February  15th (Thursday)            10 am and 5 pm
    Instructional Resources                February 16th (Friday)        10 am and 4 pm
    ELA instructional Strategies All Grades       February 20th (Tuesday)            10 am and 5 pm
    All about the Regents  Open to anyone      February 21st (Wednesday)      10 am and 5:30 pm
    Science Next Generation Science Standards      March 5th (Monday)             9 am and 6pm
    Common Core Math   6-8th                   March 12th (Monday)            3pm    
    Reading in Early Childhood                 February 26th (Monday)             8:15 am and 5pm
    Challenging Behaviors and my Pre-Schooler  March 6th (Tuesday)            8:15 am and 5pm
    Stress Management with Miss Candy        TBA
    The adolescent mind                    TBA
    I will be sending out individual fliers for each session.  You will be able to sign up for the morning or evening session.      

    February 19th is Presidents Day No School

    I want to thank all the parents and volunteers who help us achieve so much for our children.  I also want to give a huge thank you to our teachers and staff for working so hard to maximize instruction and support our children.  i thank you all for the countless hours you spend after school and on the weekend working with me to optimize success for our children.  It is greatly appreciated and I am very blessed to work with and be part of a loving community family.  I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend.  God Bless.  

    Sacred Heart School is a Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of New York. We are centrally located in the City of Newburgh and easily accessible from three counties via local school district transportation.

    Sacred Heart offers a full day Universal Pre-K program (UPK) and serves students in Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

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