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    • Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
      Sacred Heart was in the pink Friday Oct. 12 to support breast cancer awareness. All proceeds from our dress-down day go to the American Cancer Society.
    • Good morning Sacred Heart Parents. We have been notified that Newburgh CSD Bus Trip #112 missed several stops this morning, September 20, 2018. At this point it is unclear whether the bus will return to pick up students. We would recommend alternate transportation this morning if it is available. We are sorry for this inconvenience.
    • Angels in the Gym Getting Ready for Uniform Swap!
      There have been some angels at work in the gym this weekend, rounding up previously-loved uniforms for the Uniform Swap on Back-to-School Night, 6pm on Sept. 18. Bring in clean, previously-loved Sacred Heart uniforms in good condition to swap. Donations will be gratefully accepted.
    • Sacred Heart School had a shelter-in-place this afternoon due to a medical emergency. Thanks to the students and staff who remained calm and followed emergency procedures, we were able to resolve the situation quickly.
    • Sacred Heart School is remaining open for the full day today. All of our partnering public school districts are remaining open, except Valley Central. Afternoon transportation WILL be provided for our Valley Central students.